Design, justice, and sustainability

Exploring connections between design and social issues

Completed: 2022

This is a series of work and collaborations that Dr. Mauricio Mejía has develop independently or with other scholars. Three papers have been published exploring the connections between design and social issues such as food justice.


  • Mejía, G. M. (2022). Anticipatory justice in design speculation. Anticipation 22. 4th International Conference on Anticipation, Tempe, AZ.
  • Kitch, S., McGregor, J., Mejía, G. M., El-Sayed, S., Spackman, C., & Vitullo, J. (2021). Gendered and Racial Injustices in American Food Systems and Cultures. Humanities, 10(2), 66.
  • Sosa, R., Mejía, G. M., & Adamson, J. (2021). Fluid worldviews: Designing within the common good. In M. Botta & S. Junginger (Eds.), Design as Common Good (pp. 1016–1028). Swiss Design Network.